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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: High

Lime: Medium

A Hillier cultivation and part of our Streetwise selection created by retired Divisional Director, Hossain Ashardi, this unique tree emerged from the Hillier Gardens and Arbouretum during a tour. An intriguing Hippophae multi-stem shrub was spotted, characterised by its distinct upright branches. Its slender, columnar structure and ability to thrive even in the poorest soils sparked an idea; it would serve excellently as an urban street tree. For over two decades, Hillier have propagated this tree, featuring a prominent central leader, and has now become a member of our Streetwise collection.

Ideal for urban environments, this tree stands resilient against common challenges like pollution and salt spreading. Its successful planting in various challenging spots across London speaks volumes about its adaptability. Predominantly, its branches grow upwards, with a few lateral ones ensuring a spacious and light canopy. Maintaining its distinctive columnar silhouette as it matures, it seldom widens beyond 4-5m. Additionally, its branches present fewer thorns compared to the Hippophae rhamnoides shrub.

True to its name, the tree boasts elongated, willow like leaves that unfurl in a delicate shade of green, revealing an almost silvery underside. By October, vibrant orange fruits adorn its branches, serving as a vital winter food source for wildlife. Celebrated for their nutritional value, these berries are a delight for both humans and birds. Consider planting Hippophae in a linear fashion in challenging spaces; as they grow, the close-knot canopies instil tranquillity, offering a serene environment for all to enjoy.

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9m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Perfect as a maritime tree for exposed costal winds. It thrives in full sun and tolerates reflected heat well, so ideal for inner city urban locations. Has been planted as street trees in London with phenomenal success.


The crown is columnar with both lateral and ascending branches. This creates a narrow tree, but with an open canopy that appears light and airy.


Long narrow leaves appear willow like, providing its name. The are a light delicate green with an almost white, silvery underside. With the gentlest of summer breezes, the leaves flutter in the open canopy like feathers gently ruffling.


Small, oval, and bright orange. Develop in October.


Extremely tough establishing in the most impoverished of sites. It will succeed on the poorest of sandy, rubble debris soils which are low in nutrients and water retention capabilities. It is equally happy to establish in difficult clay structures.

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