Our Goal

5% reduction in our carbon footprint every year

At Hillier Trees we aim to be a leader in good environmental practice, developing a sustainable approach to managing waste, water and its plants.

Waste is kept to a minimum throughout the nurseries’ supply chain, and we take pride that we were one of the first companies to introduce kerbside recyclable non-black pots in spring 2019, with 99% of black plastic now recycled on-site.

Our nurseries achieve 85% water self-sufficiency through a drainage system that collects, filters, cleans, and treats rainwater and irrigation runoff on-site. This is then used to water our trees.

At Hillier we have moved to 100% peat free growing in all our container grown plants.

In 2019, we also became the first UK ornamental tree nursery to be accredited with the Woodland Trusts UK Sourced and Grown Assurance Scheme (UKSG). Additionally we hold the Plant Healthy certificate and are ISO14001 accredited.

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