Andlers Ash, Liss

Trees growing in rows in field at Hillier nursery
Trees growing in rows in field at Hillier nursery

Across this site, which covers over 700 acres, through our care and expertise we ensure only the highest-quality trees for your planting projects. At any one time you can find 250,000 British-grown trees of around 150 different species in our fields.

Our production of top quality trees begins as it should, with the soil we grow in. Andlers Ash benefits from deep, sandy loam, which encourages the most fibrous root systems to develop through its open structure. This also allows excellent drainage and ease of lifting whilst transplanting our trees.

Although this soil structure is outstanding for the production of high-quality trees, it is a hungry soil which requires a careful management cycle. We practice good crop rotation and employ the latest techniques in a two year cycle of green manures, which are ploughed into the ground, increasing soil fertility. This also helps to eliminate harmful nematodes by harnessing the natural chemicals the green manures release whilst breaking down in the soil. This keeps our soil in prime condition, and ensures we can produce a vigorous and healthy tree generation after generation.

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At Andlers Ash you will find many fields of standard trees from 10cm girth to 100cm. Our semi-mature and super semi-mature trees are a particular speciality of Hillier Nurseries, as is our ‘designer’ tree range including cube-headed, pleached, parasol and architectural shaped trees in a variety of forms. Many of our high quality multi-stem trees have been grown from a budded tree and produced using the traditional ‘coppice’ technique. We also offer instant hedging and archways, single specimens for focal points and courtyards and an extensive selection of impact trees for larger projects.

Our field-grown trees range in size from 10-12cm to our ‘super’ semi-mature trees, which are over 80cm in girth. Producing this volume and quality requires professionalism throughout our production and we are renowned for the clean uniformity of our crops at every size.

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Variety of trees from aerial view at andlers ash Hillier nursery