How to Care For Your Trees

Below are a series of maintenance guidance to aid successful tree establishment.


The size of the tree on planting is an important factor in deciding how much irrigation is required. Below is a guide to how much water is required in the first year of planting. Watering maybe required for up to three years after planting to aid establishment.

Size of TreeVolume of Water per week
12-14 CM girth25 litres
14-16 CM girth35 litres
16-18 CM girth80 litres
18-20 CM girth80 litres
20-25 CM girth100 litres
25-40 CM girth120 litres
40-60 CM girth150 litres
60-80 CM girth200 litres
80-100 CM girth250 litres
  • The quantity of water depends on factors such as soil type; tree type; weather conditions and time of year. Over watering of trees can be harmful
  • The initial irrigation should take place immediately after planting
  • The larger the canopy of your tree the greater the water loss through transpiration
  • Irrigation should be directed on top of the root-ball and not around it

Tree Ties and Underground Guying

Tree ties are vital in assisting tree establishment as they help prevent any wind rock. However, it is vitally important that in the growing season the ties are checked monthly to ensure that the ties are not cutting in to the cambium (just under the bark) of the tree. If left the ties will effectively cause death to the tree through ‘strangulation’. In the unlikely event that you need to tighten the guying then excavation down to the ratchet will be required.


Compost and fertilisers will be applied at time of planting and therefore there should be no reason to feed the tree in the first season. However, if the tree is showing signs of nutrient deficiencies within the leaves, appropriate fertilisers are recommended at the manufacturer’s directions either through granular fertiliser at the tree base or liquid feeds directly onto the canopy. Generally, the larger the tree the less likely it will require annual feeding.

Mulching and Weeding

It is important that competition for water and nutrients for the fibrous feeding roots is kept to a minimum and therefore it is advised to keep the area around the tree base weed free. Mulching should be undertaken to prevent weed growth, aid water retention, regulate temperatures around the roots and to cut down moisture loss from the soil surface where many fibrous roots are located. It can also draw nutrients out of the ground. Mulch should be applied to a depth of 3-4 inches and 12-18 inches wider than the root ball when planted.