Field Grown Trees

Our field tree production at Hillier Trees takes place at our Andlers Ash nursery, located in Liss, near Petersfield in Hampshire.

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Container Grown Trees

Our Broadmead Container Nursery allows us to offer all year-round planting of our quality, British-grown trees.

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Quercus robur fastigiata Koster feathered trees growing in rows in field

Semi-Mature Trees

Hillier has been producing British grown semi-mature trees for longer and to a higher standard than any other nursery in the UK.

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Container trees on nursery lined up in row awaiting delivery

Contract Growing

Hillier Trees provides a Contract Growing service that involves containerising stock tailored to your specific projects and needs.

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Delivery Information

Delivering trees to our customers timelines in a professional and safe way we understand is a critical part of our service.

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Flying above the Broadmead container nursery

Our Tree Nurseries

We are proud to show customers around our tree fields, so please do contact us for more information and to arrange a visit.

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Introduction to Hillier Trees