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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: Low

Lime: Low

Quercus palustris, commonly known as the Pin Oak, is a large deciduous tree that is an American variety. Renowned for its majestic and distinctive appearance, the Pin oak can reach impressive heights, forming a wonderful silhouette in the landscape. Palustris comes from the Latin word for marsh (palus), in reference to a common habitat for this tree.

Characterised by its straight central leader and horizonal branches, the Pin oak exhibits a naturally balanced triangular shape. Once mature, the tree develops a dense canopy. This imposing crown not only adds to the trees aesthetic appeal, but provides substantial shade.

Adaptable to a variety of environments, the Pin oak thrives in moist neutral to acidic soils. It demonstrates resilience in well drained soils in the UK, excluding chalk and limestone. The trees glossy green leaves are sharply lobed, offering a distinctive texture throughout the year.

One of the Pin Oaks most captivating features is its autumn display. The leaves undergo a remarkable transformation, consistently turning a rich and vibrant scarlet red before gracefully falling. In winter, the tree maintains its allure with its strongly pyramidal silhouette, making it a standout specimen in any landscape.


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10m high x 5m wide after 25 years


Makes a fantastic avenue tree.


Large, uniform pyramidal shaped crown. straight main stem and slender horizontal branching structure.


Deeply and sharply lobed, smaller than the Red oak. They are glossy green on both sides and turn a striking scarlet in the autumn.


Yellow-gold coloured catkins in late spring.


Spherical acorns.


Does well in moist neutral to acidic soils, but also most well drained UK soils, except chalk and limestone.


A valuable tree for wildlife, and especially favoured by birds that enjoy its acorns.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Super Semi-Mature

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