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Wet Soil: Low

Dry Soil: High

Lime: High

Quercus ilex, also known as the Holm oak, stands as an impressive evergreen tree, seamlessly adapting to nearly all regions of the UK, except the coldest inland areas. Thriving even in challenging coastal conditions where many other trees struggle, this adaptability extends to urban environments, showcasing the Holm oaks remarkable tolerance.

Notably versatile, this tree can be cultivated in various forms, including feathered, clear stem, multi-stem, clipped shapes, or as a hedge. Its dark green, leathery leaves with toothed, holly-like edges add to its distinctive charm. While leaf size may vary due to seedling differences, generally, they are small. Witnessing the emergence of white-woolly or tawny young shoots in June provides an attractive spectacle following the shedding of older leaves, especially in late spring.

Its crucial to handle the Quercus ilex with care, as it is sensitive to any disturbance of its taproot. To ensure successful growth, we only offer this species after establishing a well-rooted condition in a container.

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10m high x 7m wide after 25 years


Excellent in coastal areas and most urban situations, but not for the coldest inland areas.


Large, broadly oval head.


Evergreen, leathery and serrated like holly. Older trees have a smoother edge. Leaves are generally small but variable in size, shape and texture.


Yellow-gold coloured catkins in late spring.


Flat, ovoid acorns that grow in groups of 2-5.


Adaptable to all regions of the UK, except the coldest inland areas. Once established, it tolerates dry soil, salt and wind.

Available As:

Semi-Mature, Super Semi-Mature

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