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Wet Soil: High

Dry Soil: Medium

Lime: High

Ulmus ‘Columnella’, commonly known as Columnar Elm, is a deciduous tree which was raised by the Dorshkamp Research Institute in the Netherlands. It was made commercially available in 1989 after it showed strong resistance to Dutch elm disease and is part of the Resista Elm programme. The tree was named ‘Columnella’ after a 1st century Roman writer, who wrote important works on the cultivation of trees.

The leaves of the Ulmus ‘Columnella’ are small, alternate, and scalloped. They emerge later in spring and turn dark green before transitioning to yellow in autumn. Ulmus ‘Columnella’ will also produce dense clusters of green blossoms in spring, which give way to flat, round, brown wingnuts.

Due to its narrow form, the Columnar Elm is particularly favoured for urban environments, such as street and avenue planting and in parks. Its upright growth habit allows it to fit in tight spaces. It’s a good grower but slower than the Ulmus ‘Dodoens’.

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12m high x 3m wide after 25 years


Its narrow shape makes it an ideal street and avenue tree. Will also do well in exposed areas and wind tunnels.


Slim, columnar, and fairly loosely branched and open. Branches are upright.


Alternate, rounded ovoid to inverted ovoid. Noticeably scalloped/wavy. Leaves emerge later in spring and are dark green throughout summer, transitioning to a yellow in autumn.


Dense, long stalked bundles of green blossoms in spring.


Flat, round, brown wingnuts which are dispersed by the wind.


Likes sunny to partially shaded areas. Will do well in moist nutrient rich soil, especially lime and calcareous soils. Can withstand short floods and frost and is extremely wind resistant. Tolerant of air pollution.

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